I'd been approached many times by "search engine optimization" companies...these offerings had a magic price tag...this would be very reasonable if good results could be acquired, but it seemed to me that these companies were merely boiler room marketing operations.

Bob Enger, Rubber Stamps Now

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REASONS TO CHOOSEorganicSEOservices.net

Why choose Organic SEO?

Like many things that cannot be bought, high ranking in non-paid search engine results is highly sought after.

According to studies of of how searchers see and click on search results -- including studies by Google -- the majority of search engine users click on non-paid search engine listings.

Here's how it works.

A user -- your potential customer -- queries a search engine for information about a product or service that your business provides.

If the search engine responds that your product or service is the most relevant by placing your website in the number one spot in the non-paid search engine results, does the user have any reason not to believe that your business is their best solution?

Simply put, website users view high non-paid search engine ranking as objective information precisely because it is not paid for.

eMarketer Digital Intelligence (“Search Spending Swells Worldwide”, March 14, 2009) -- which covers all aspects of digital marketing including other website traffic-building strategies such as pay-per-click -- offers commentary by eMarketer senior analyst David Hallerman.

“SEO improves organic listings, which Internet users prefer over paid search, and it is cost-effective...”.

Hallerman continues with a shrewd observation about the durability of organic SEO noting, “an optimized site does not drop off the first results page even when marketer spending slows or stops -- as it can with paid search.”

eMarketer Digital Intelligence also reports that, “According to a joint study by Econsultancy and...Guava...fifty-five percent of respondents said they planned to raise spending on SEO...”.

Why choose Organic SEO?

Because it's the most cost-effective and durable way to increase website traffic.

Why choose organicSEOservices.net?

#1 SEO Services with a Proven Track Record

Our organic SEO services have helped over 21,000 organicSEOservices.net / Platinum Web Site Services clients achieve consistently high search engine rankings and grow their businesses -- both online and, indirectly, off-line -- for nearly fifteen years.

Our Organic SEO methods produce qualified website leads -- and direct revenue if you have a transaction website -- by using best-practice White Hat SEO to attract website visitors that have been accurately filtered by the search engines.

Organic SEO is unlike traditional media (Television, Radio, Print) where a large portion of your marketing dollar is wasted on people with no interest in your product or service.

Instead, affordable Organic Search Engine Optimizations leverage the value of your web site and online product or service offerings by using best-practice White Hat SEO to make search engines work for you to find highly qualified prospects.

#2 Low Cost SEO Services

The investment you make in our low-cost organic SEO services is tiny compared to conventional media, and a very small part of the overall cost of your business website.

Our affordable organic SEO services start at only $579, and even our OSEO Advanced multi-page Search Engine Optimizations cost only $1850.

Compare that to Conventional Media!

By using our affordable organic SEO services your overall marketing budget can be lowered by obtaining quality website traffic from your SEO efforts -- with no need for expensive on-going pay-per-click and / or ugly, identity-destroying, web site banner ads.

#3 Real People always available to help you with SEO

While we work in the Virtual World, we are not virtual.

At organicSEOservices.net real people do the SEO work for your web site. We do all of our website SEO work by hand.

We reject the cookie-cutter approach to search engine optimization -- which is actually not true website search engine optimization at all, merely a "placebo" that in some instances can actually get your web site into trouble.

And most importantly: we care about success of your website and are committed to working with you to achieve it.

We welcome telephone calls, and are available to discuss your search engine optimization requirements at 805 773 9002, Monday thru Friday 9am-5pm California Time!

#4 Our SEO Experience keeps you Out Of Trouble

Poorly crafted website tags and optimization "strategies" can actually harm web site search engine ranking.

Search Engine Algorithms are constantly evolving, and search engine optimization techniques and SEO practices that worked yesterday may not only fail to help your website today, but can actually cause your web site to be "penalized" by Google, Yahoo, MSN / Bing and other search engines -- and get it ranked lower.

We conduct ongoing White Hat organic SEO research -- and apply hundreds of years of combined SEO experience -- to stay abreast of every nuance of the every-changing landscape SEO and how search engines "think".

And, most importantly, we always apply the safest and most conservative SEO approach to our clients search engine optimization projects.

#5 Organic SEO is All We Do

Some firms attempt to add limited SEO "services" to other aspects of website development.

Our web-developer partners and our direct business clients all benefit for our SEO specialization and complete commitment to an efficient and affordable SEO process.

Since Organic Search Engine Optimization is all we do, we are not distracted by non-SEO website development considerations -- we cannot advise as to whether your logo should be re-designed green or red.

What we can do is advise you how search engines rank your site -- and how best-practice organic search engine optimization will help search engines better understand the content of your website so that they will bring you both increased website traffic and better website traffic.

#6 We're Here for The Long-Haul

We have been in the SEO business, helping companies just like yours with website search engine optimizations, for nearly 15 years. We believe in long-term client relationships, and see ourselves as partners in our clients' online marketing success. We are in it for the long haul.

If you have questions or would like additional information regarding Organic Search Engine Optimization please contact: information@organicSEOservices.net or call us at 805 773 9002 Monday thru Friday 9am-5pm California Time!

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