I just referred organicSEOservices.net to a colleague of mine.
I have been extremely pleased with the work you have done for me, my site has maintained the #1 ranking on all the major search engines almost since I started working with you. That
is great work on your part -- thanks!

Mari Anne Vanella, CEO

The Vanella Group

Organic SEO Testimonials and Success Stories

Search Engine Optimization is the heart of our business. As a major international real estate brokerage, we meet most of our clients first online. Your organic SEO services have done a great job getting us to the top in our market -- and keeping us there.

Jonni Francis, Broker-Owner
Coldwell Banker Rocky Point


A great investment! Since organicSEOservices.net has been handling the positioning of our website (about 4 years) our internet business has gone up about 400%. Interest and / or sales generated from our site has steadily increased, even in the horrible economic conditions of 2008. It has all been due to the services that organicSEOservices.net provided. We went from an unknown to being on the first page on several search engines.

Whenever I have questions about the monthly SEO reports, I have received in-depth answers. If I have had concerns they were promptly investigated and action taken, if necessary. Appropriate website enhancement suggestions (with relation to positioning) that were provided were much appreciated. And I really appreciate that somebody has always been there to answer my phone calls.

Iíve said this before and Iím certain I will say it again but...organicSEOservices.net is truly a pleasure to do business with. (As well as a good investment.)

Jennifer Hughes
Aquatic BioScience, LLC


We are web site design company on the east coast, and when our clients ask "How do we become number 1 in the search engines" We have two words for them: Platinum Services.

We have been recommending Platinum organic SEO to all of our clients since 1998. Some of our clients have been with Platinum Services for over 10 years, and we are happy to report that those customers dominate the search engines in their particular industry. For our start-up and newbie's we recommend Platinum Services and explain: implement their recommendation and in 3 to 5 months you will see proven results.

Platinum Services complements our services as a design company, and with 100% confidence we know when we recommend Platinum Services our clients will be taken care of and satisfied with the results.

Scott Pullo
Web Cola Media


The Livingstone Safari Lodge is located in deep dark Africa with unreliable electricity and internet connection. To be found by potential guests, it is imperative that our website is on air and submitted to SE on a regular basis. organicSEOservices.net offers advice and replies to e-mailed queries promptly and efficiently. The monthly SEO analytical reports are concise, clear and easy to read which make these a great tool for better SEO and visibility.

Tjisse, Owner and Manager
Livingstone Safari Lodge


Dear organicSEOservices.net Team! Happy Anniversary! It has been seven years (believe it or not) since our website is in your care. I appreciate everything that you have done over the years more than the words can tell.

From the very first encounter you were patient, attentive and efficient. You were always there to answer my countless questions and address my concerns. You alerted me to the shortcomings of the aging "platform", encouraged me to upgrade my hosting services and "held my hand" through the process. Your help and support has been invaluable. You gave us an excellent start on the Internet.

Your exceptional service has gotten our completely unknown site to the top 10 position on many popular key words. For the last three years we advertise exclusively through our website thanks to the magic of your talent and professionalism.

You are truly Platinum -- precious, admirable and long lasting. I look forward to enjoying the ranking heights with you for years to come. With all my appreciation and warmest regards,

Shella Batelman, Co-Owner
A.R.T. Consulting


I have worked with organicSEOservices.net for over ten years. The codes and tags they generated for my very first project with them -- WarOfOurFathers.com in 1999 -- have kept that website at the top with Google for over a decade! I cannot too highly recommend them, both for the quality of their organic SEO optimizations as well as their exemplary customer service.

Richard Marin, Author
War Of Our Fathers


When I first built my website in publisher, the only one who knew about it on the web was me. I had not received any response the first 6 months. I thought it was the format...I created a new website with FrontPage and the next six months much the same. I contacted organicSEOservices.net, and let just say, many people over the last 7 years or so have got to know Fran the Candleman. Business has been very good.

I consider some of my friends in the ecommerce business, MSN, Google and YAHOO, because they honor my presence on the first page of the search for many of my keywords. This only happened with the help of the folks at organicSEOservices.net.

Francis Banaszewski, Owner
Fran the Candleman


I have had a website for several years, but was frustated because the search engines did not seem to be able to find it. I contacted Verio who hosts my website and Verio recommended organicSEOservices.net. After talking to your people I decided to subscribe to your SEO service, to optimize my home page and to help me optimize my other website pages myself.

The results have surpassed my expectations. More and more of my clients are telling me they found my website easily...needless to say I am very pleased with these SEO results. Thank you again for your help and please thank Jim as well -- all the contacts I had with him were very helpful and he answered all my questions, promptly and completely.

I am somewhat of a novice and he explained everything in terms that were easy to understand and I was able to do some of the work myself.

Richard Schacht, Owner
Four Seasons Photography


Money's worth? The SEO service I received is worth thousands. I would have paid many times their standard fee for the results I got.

After two years with my site posted on the Internet, I was ready to give up on Internet marketing. I'd been hearing all the hype about Internet marketing "success stories" going around, but did not know anyone personally who had experienced such success, which was beginning to make me skeptical. Certainly, I was not having any success at that point.

I'd been approached many times by "search engine optimization" companies through e-mail and telephone marketing. All of these offerings had a magic price tag of right around a thousand bucks. Of course, this would be very reasonable if good results could be acquired, but it seemed to me that these companies were merely boiler room marketing operations.

In each of these offerings, I was unable to speak to anyone who seemed to know what they were doing, so I had passed on all of them.

In just a few minutes however, it was completely obvious to me that Bob Hustwit of Platinum Web Site Services knew what he was doing. I just knew it, and I was right. The results have been staggering! The personal contact with Bob is what closed me as a customer. It was so obvious to me, as it will be equally obvious to others, that Bob has it down! Trustworthiness also gleams forward, and these things in combination should close any serious business customer.

I would recommend this SEO service to everyone with a web site. The only drawback would be being prepared for the traffic.

Bob Enger
Rubber Stamps Now


I have been a customer of Platinum Web Site Services since they first began in business. What sold me was Bob's knowledge of how to create and make a website work. Over the years I watched him adapt so sucessfully to the changes and technology as it has evolved. I have always been pleased with the attitude and service as the time has gone by...to send this as a testimony to what Platinum Web Site has done for me, may encourage future users to also give them a chance to make your business increase its visibility to the World as the website is not just a local thing.

Mel Hellman, Owner
Whittier Electronics Co.


I have used organicSEOservices.net for many years. I credit my online success to their efforts and professional SEO consultations. organicSEOservices.net have always been prompt with responses to questions and generous with sound SEO tweaking advice. I would recommend organicSEOservices.net to anyone starting out with a web or even a seasoned web can always get a boost from their services.

Wee Dilts
New Visions Real Estate


I have had the pleasure of working with organicSEOservices.net for over ten years and due to their unwavering hard work and dedication I have continually been at the top of the listings for Southwestern Furniture.

It has been, not only, a good and sound business decision to have used them as my SEO company, but over the years it has become working with family. James Fay has always provided me not only with the best SEO information and insight of how to promote and position my website, but has done so as a friend. This is not something that occurs very often in a business relationship.

I would not hesitate to recommend Jim and organicSEOservices.net to anyone who wishes to have the best possible experience with an SEO company.

Jean Dupret, Owner
JD Woodworks


If you have questions or would like additional information regarding Organic Search Engine Optimization please contact: information@organicSEOservices.net or call us at 805 773 9002 Monday thru Friday 9-5 California Time!

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